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Accreditation Information
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Hospital Partner
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Your Rights and Responsibilities
Click the link above to see information about (a) your Rights and Responsibilities relating to your surgery, (b) how to file a grievance, if desired, (c) physician ownership of our center and (d) our center’s policy with respect to advance directives.

Your Privacy
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Weight Loss Bariatrics
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Pelvic Reconstruction
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Address and Contact Information


400 West I-635

Suite 101

Irving, TX 75063


Hospital Main:
(972) 868-4000
Hospital Fax:
(972) 868-4009
Surgery Waiting Room:
(972) 868-4113
Surgery Registration:
(972) 868-4065
Imaging Registration:
(972) 868-4151
Imaging Scheduling:
(972) 868-4152
(972) 868-4000
Emergency Room:
(972) 868-4111


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